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Simon Matsvai is our customer in Zimbabwe since 5 years. He purchased another 2 oil mills in May 2005.


Dear Sirs,


Greetings from Zimbabwe. I am one of the operators of your tinytech oil expressor. I am happy with the technology and it has proved easy to operate for my staff in a rural area in Zimbabwe. I wish to expand my business in another location and require to order a new machine complete with supply kit as you did for the last one


Thank you and kind regards.



Simon Matsvai.


Country - ZIMBABWE




Mrs. Douti is our customer in Togo who purchased oil mill in 2003


Dear M. DESAI,


We have begin production oil. No problem about expeller.


we started groundnut kernel crushing since three months without any problem. Groundnut decorticator also worked without any problem.


Thank you very much et sincerely



Country - TOGO


Mr. Horn is German and our customer in Papua New Guinea and purchased oil mill in 2003.


Dear Gopal,


the manufacturing of the oil works well. have made a lot out of fresh and kiln dried coconut. Some copra oil which we are using in our cars.
The deputy prime minister of PNG was so happy that he made me a director of the Coconut Industry Cooperation.
Will be in the capital tomorrow or Wednesday for a meeting.
They are really interested in getting the small mills going. If I am lucky we might even have the opportunity to visit you.



Mr. Horn.



Allan is our first customer in Papua New Guinea. Following email is received on 27-07-2004 & last email of 18th October 2006


Dear Gopal,

Thank you for your reply, now the mill is working well and
able to process 1500-2000 kg of copra in 10-12 hours to
produce 1000 liters of coconut oil. Please provide another
quote for one copra mill asap for new order.

Best Regards
Allan Tobalbal Oliver.



Mr. Ken Fitzgerald is our customer in PAPUA NEW GUINEA & he is running 2 TINYTECH EXPELLERS in PNG. Read his recent email.




The mills sent to Alotau are working well so far. many thanks for you assistance.



Ken Fitzgerald.



Mr. Alex Mugova, is our customer in Zimbabwe since 1997. We received his first feedback on March 11, 2004 after his purchase of TINYTECH oil mill in 1997.


Dear Mr. Desai,

I am sure you still remember me. I am Alex Mugova at ITDG. I bought a tinytech oil mill from you in 1997 and the mill is still working well.


Warm regards.


Yours sincerely,

Alex Mugova.

Country - ZIMBABWE


Carlos is our customer in Uruguay and we have dispatched machinery during 2003.

Dear Mr. Gopal Desai,

Im glad to inform you that the Tinytech Oil Mill that we buy you last year is working in a very high performance.

Because of that we have the idea of increasing production buying another Tinytech Oil Mill.


Best Regards,


Carlos Saravia.

Country - URUGUAY


Mr. Onderka is our customer in Tenesse state of USA crushing soyabean. He Purchased our oil mill in 2002

Dear Mr. Desai,
I had very good progress with your oil expeller.

Thanks a lot.



Country - USA


Mr. Pruss is our customer in Argentina crushing soyabean. He Purchased our oil mill in 2003



Dear Mr Gopal Desai.

I´m glad to say now , that the expeller is working good , after a few weeks, we are getting a good result of the equipment.




Marcelo C. Pruss

Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Mr. Mushiba Nyamazana is our customer in Zambia crushing mainly Sunflower. He is running TINYTECH oil mill very nicely. Read his last email.



Mr. Desai,

Many thanks. The spares arrive last week and they are currently being cleared.

Many thanks once again for your prompt and excellent service.

All the best.


Country - ZAMBIA


Mr. Jeffrey A. Bowman is our very recent customer in USA who placed order TINYTECH oil mill on 3 rd October, 2005 from USA. His machinery has been delivered to PNG as ordered. He is very nice person.


Thank you Gopal. I am happy our funds made it rapidly. We will be happy to have this machinery and will be more than happy to be contacted for references in the future. Thank you for your excellent communication regarding this purchase. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.



Jeffrey A. Bowman,

Country - USA


Mr Kayode Adeosun is running our 6 TPD oil mill for palm kernel in Nigeria. Please read his email.


Dear Gopal,

I am pleased to inform you that the plant is working
fine and perfectly. We are producing at full capacity.


Country - NIGERIA


Mr. Grover mcKee who is our customer in Kansas state, USA running our 12 TPD oil mill for Rapeseed. Please read following his email in his own words.




My Dear Gopal;


You are wise beyond your years, sir, in that we had a small test run with the TinyTech mill and filter press yesterday, and produced a small quantity (about 7 gallons) of beautiful, clear, high quality rape oil.


I made an appointment yesterday for John (from Columbia Missouri) to visit our installation next week, after giving him a glowing report about you and your product. You have another customer, I believe.


We expect an expanded trial in a few days, although our main effort is some weeks away, when the harvest occurs.




Country - USA


Mr. Julius Marufu who is our very recent customer in Zimbabwe purchased our 12 TPD oil mill . Please read following his email in his own words.


Thank you very much for your honesty. I received the Oil processing machines yesterday 14 August 2006. They took a long time to deliver the cargo, but I am glad

you played your part and dispatched my machines on time. I shall install the machines and explore their capabilities to maximum levels. Should they produce to capacity you shall receive more orders of machines from me. Once again thank you very much, keep on delivering to many other people, be honest not to me only but to everybody else through out the whole world.




Country - ZIMBABWE.


Mr. Jack is our first customer in Ireland purchased our 3 TPD oil mill . Please read following his email in his own words.


Hello Gopal,


Hope you are keeping well. We have oil press up and running and she is working well.


Best Regards


Mr. Jack Hanna 

Country - Northern Ireland 


Mrs S Munhumutema is our customer in Zimbabwe purchased our 3 TPD oil mill . Please read following her email in her own words. She purchased oil mill in 2006.


Dear Mr. Desai,


Thank you very much for your after sales check. The machine is working very well.

We are crushing cotton seeds and sunflower seeds. We also crushed soya bean seeds but have had to mix it with maize or corn grain to improve grip and avoid "sticking".

Currently we are on one eight hour shift a day but could do two or three shifts had we enough seeds.

The machine is working very well. We are happy - it is a strong make compared to other designs which we have seen on the market.


thank you.

Mrs. S Munhumutema

Country - Zimbabwe.


Mr Allan Bird is our customer in Papua New Guinea & purchased our 3 TPD oil mill in 2006 for producing coconut oil from copra. Please read following his email.



Hello Desai,

The plant is running very well actually. I am very pleased with it.




Mr Rienzie Edwards is our customer in SRI LANKA & purchased our 3 TPD oil mill in 2007 for producing coconut oil from copra. Please read following his email.


Dear Priyantha,


I received your contact details from Mr Gopal Desai.


I have visited Mr Desai Factory personaly and was very impressed. I was even more impressed by the speed of shipping and the personal customer care. I will recomend Mr Desai (Senior and Junior) anytime as reliable manufacturers and sellers of this type of machines.


My plant is yet to be cleared but once its cleared and installed I am happy to let you visit us and view the machines.


Thanks and Kind Regards

Rienzie Edwards

Country - SHRI LANKA



Mr Robert Wycoff is our customer in Belize & purchased our 3 TPD oil mill in end of 2005. Please read following his email.



Dear Mr. Desai: In going over your web page I was again impressed with your efforts to help the rural poor of the world and your dedication to others. You are much admired.
It has taken us a long time but our oil processing equipment is all set up, has been tested and works fine. We tried to bring oil sunflowers (black seeds) to Belize but they did not do well. We are working with peanuts and that looks more promising. We are also planting soy beans and have done some early work with coconuts. We want to get alternatives so we planted oil palms started from seed 3 years ago on ten acres, ten acres more are 2 years old and we are getting ready to transplant 1600 one year old seedlings. Will soon need the stripper and the fruit fiber separator. I presume the expeller cooking kettle is the same machine I have for the oil processing.


Robert L. Wyckoff

Country - BELIZE


Following email is worth reading from Philippines.


Dear Mr. Desai,


Have read your previous email on references from other Tinytech users. Actually, we have already seen your machine in action here in Manila (small expeller with filter press) and are impressed with its performance. We are looking to oil extract oil from jathropa beads at a capacity of 10 tons per 24hrs, trying to decide whether to go with a bigger expeller or using multiple smaller expellers. I also read from your reference email that tinytech can use electric driven motor or diesel driven motors, please advise which would be better.


Regards, Frank


metro manila,



Mr. UJANG ADHARI is our customer in Indonesia. Just read his recent email received after 7 years of working of our oil mill.


Dear sir,


We are PT Intaran Indonesia/Mack Foundation had order and bought your oil expeller with cooking kettle and motor and filter press from tinytech in 2000-2001. The machine is going well until now.

Now, our capacity is increasing and we need the new one to cover our capacity.



Ujang Adhari



Mr. Shettima Shehu Habib is our customer in NIGERIA. Just read his email received just after installation oil mill near Kano in Nigeria.


Mr Gopal,

Yes, machines installed and is perfectly working.

My neighbour was very much impressed
when he saw your machine, he said he could have waited
for me.


Thank you.
Shettima Shehu Habib.

Country - NIGERIA


Mr. DENIS PERDRAZA is our customer in cOLOMBIA. Just read his email received after 4 years of working of our oil mill.


Mr. Gopal Desai

The sesame plant is still running well.

Thanks and regards,

Denis A. Pedraza

Country - COLOMBIA


Mrs Munhumutema is our customer in Zimbabwe. Just read her email.


Dear Gopal,

The machine is working very well on sunflower. I have not been using soya bean because of the earlier challenges faced and the long time it takes to heat the soya bean seeds. Most of the mills working on soya bean have an extruder which they first use before crushing and we do not as yet have the extruder.The sunflower cracker greatly helps to reduce the rate of wear.


Thank you very much for your after sales service.


Mrs. Munhumutema

Country - ZIMBABWE


Mr. Clement Doyer is our customer in Thailand. Entire email worth reading.


We are a customer of yours and we have used on our farm your oil expeller on niger seed with satisfaction. We are the only ones with oil extracting equipment in the area.
Thank you very much.

Yours cordially
Clement Doyer

Country - THAILAND




Dear Mr. Gopal Desai,


I just received your email from Roch Gosselin. I was in Mauritanie one month ago, I worked with your machine and I was satisfied with it's performance.


Now, I would like this machine for work in Cameroun. In Cameroun, this machine will serve for production of palm oil and peanuts oil.


Bassam Farhat

Country - CAMEROUN


See below email received from customer from AFGHANISTAN using our oil mill plant . :-



We are getting better performance from your equipment and lots of interest, the quality of the oil, in particular, is fantastic.

Thanks very much.

Peter How



See below email received from customer from TANZANIA purchased and started our oil mill plant in december, 2009. :-




Thanks very much Mr. Desai, I was very busy so I will check with this friend to find out.


The plant is doing very well, the oil that we are producing is very clean and customers are liking it, we hope to add our capacity to at least 6t mid next year to take advantage of the seasons harvests.


Charles Seleman Newe

Country - TANZANIA.


See below email received from customer from AUSTRALIA purchased our groundnut decorticator :-


Dear Gopal,

Thank you, the decorticator is working fine, i had to make a few adjustments, now it is great.


Country - Australia


Dear Shri Desai,


Thanks for your quick response. Thanks for your feedback which I found true and useful.

I want to congratulate you on the good solar cooker that you sent me. In the girls’ hostel at Dadhwada, Sr.Annette was cooking food for over a 100 girls with the community solar cooker that you sent us. And the girls found the food tastier!


I am impressed and inspired by the variety of solar energy and other Eco friendly products that you manufacture.


Wishing you all the best,




Hi dear Gopal,

I'm happy to send a mail today, just for telling that we are all doing fine and the activities of oïl production are going well too.


Thank you for your faithfull.


Best look





Dear Gopal,


I am doing fine thank you.


I am still operating the three oil mills I bought from you.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind regards,


Charles Vanderpuye

Country - United Kingdom


Dear Gopal:


The news from Cuba about working of expeller are very good. Mr. Luis Cepero confirmed that they are crushing Jatropha seeds in expeller and obtained 600 liters of oil from 2 tons of seed.

They made some changes in the worm sequence and the results were very good.

Best regards,